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System Design
& Heat Loss

Helping you to heat your home for less

At KP&H we can offer a system design and heat loss package, whether that be for renewables or gas boilers or even a cold and hot water distribution system.

More and more emphasis is being placed on the crucial element, often overlooked by installers of heat loss, which is crucial for selecting the correctly sized boiler or heat pump for a property, without this information, it is mearly a guess, and with energy prices on the rise, this is now moving into the spotlight more than ever.

Our Heat Loss and System Design reports are a full package incorporating a full heat loss survey to CIBSE standard, flow rate calculations, pressure loss, velocity, balancing settings, radiator or underfloor heating sizing, flow temps, gas priority sizing, most viable heat source, hot and cold water sizing if required. Also what Control strategy will be used to make this work to its optimum. This will all be presented in a package.

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We are coming across more and more homes where system design hasn’t been done or if it has it hasn’t been done properly, in fact, this is the case with most installations, leaving customers with cold homes, inefficient systems and high energy bills. We are doing our part to be the difference.

Contact us for more information about system design & heat loss!

If you'd like to find out more information regarding heat loss and system design, or just have a product query, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.


interested in a heat loss report? contact us today directly, or via our heat Geek link HERE!

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